We have been raising Dexter Cattle since 1993, a true dual purpose heritage breed (can be used for milking and/or beef) that is in "watch" status from ALBC. They are a very intelligent and docile breed. We have a 10+ cow/calf herd. If your interested in a house cow, give us a call; if your interested in tasty, lean meat we sell it by the half in late summer - place your order now!
We also raise pastured sheep: We have 2 flocks. One registered Wiltshire Horn - we have one of 6 flocks in the USA. They shed a real wool fleece - the other flock is non registered cross bred hair sheep.
We do rotational grazing - if fact we are passionate about grazing. Our animals are pasture May through Oct, then on hay. In the winter the cattle and sheep eat grass balage (hay that has fermented in those white wrapped bales) and dry hay. There is minimal grain supplement, no growth hormones or antibiotics!
We have started raising Idaho Pasture Pigs, they have marbling in the meat. Taste the difference, the meat has real flavor, a smaller breed than most.

Located conveniently between Union City & Corry, Pa along US 6. We have herd of Purebred Dexter Cattle and large flock of sheep that can seen in the warm weather grazing. We move the animals from one area to the next so they are grazing fresh grasses and forbs, and this allows the area that has been grazed time to rest and regrow.
The beef is sold by the half based upon hanging weight - processed locally. We pay for the butchering.
The lamb is either sold whole or by the vacuumed sealed USDA inspected and package. We have 125 ewes, so lamb is available almost year round.
Give us a call and we can arrange a time for you and your family to watch the animals out on pasture grazing.


Union City, PA 16438, USA

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