Here at Windy Hill Farm in western Pennsylvania, we strive to make the best, all-natural, made-to-order bath and body products. We also sell the most delicious vegetables and herbs in our ever-expanding gardens.

We bought the farm in 1995 and after a year's renovation moved into the farmhouse in 1996. We immediately established an organically grown vegetable garden and started working the hayfields which had been sadly neglected for years. (We were told hay would never grow on them, but are now very proud to be supplying hay to the horse owners in our area as well as growing for our own horses.) We also grow oats. We now sell our vegetables, fresh and dried herbs, right off the farm, at our local Farmer's Market and also sell to several local restaurants. We established a small flock of chickens to have free-range brown eggs and have had  to increase our flock yearly as our customer base has grown.

One day, on a lark, we decided to take a soap-making class from a local business (Quiet Creek School of Country Living in Brookville, Pa.).  After using the soap we made, we couldn't imagine going back to store bought soap and started making it for ourselves and family. It grew from there and we started looking for stores to buy from us. The business seemed to just take off with everyone offering suggestions as to what we should make next...a buyer at one of the stores suggested the lotion bars, my grandchildren wanted lip balm, a niece wanted fragrance diffusers.  We listened to everyone and also took suggestions from customers at the craft shows we attend and try to make what the public wants while still keeping the naturally-made products that we think are so important to us and the environment.

We encourage you to try our products and see what you think. Anyone is welcome to stop at the farm and meet us and our animals. All of our products are also available at our local Brockway Farmer's Market held every Friday from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm at the Catholic church parking lot from late-June thru the end of September.


10445 Pennsylvania 28, Brockway, PA, USA

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